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The BBB Code of Ethics

Truth, Respect, Fairness, Compassion and Responsibility are fundamental principles of the BBB and its members. This code of Ethics is designed to promote the highest level of individual character and ethical conduct and to align our actions with our core values and beliefs.


Truth is sought in all we do in the marketplace and in our lives. This involves aggressively seeking and gathering facts, interpreting them reasonably and recognizing that each situation is unique and needs to be looked at with distinction. It involves being honest with ourselves and others in all we say and do.


We seek to give and earn respect. This means seeing everyone’s intrinsic value without judgment or discrimination, behaving honorably and acting the way we would want others to act toward us.


Fairness is sought in all we do. This involves being impartial and consistent in our treatment of people, balanced in our views of events and flexible in our thinking.


We seek to be compassionate in all we do by being kind and caring to our employees, customers and communities, as well as to ourselves; by valuing diversity; and by valuing people as well as monetary gain.


We accept responsibility in all we do. This involves doing our best at all times, keeping our word, being accountable for our actions and obeying in all laws and standards relating to our industry.